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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Businesses

Image credit to  Clark Tibbs

Image credit to Clark Tibbs

Here’s to the dreamers, the artists, the developers, the designers, the workers, the creators, and the makers, the small mom and pop shops, and hell, the corporations.

Even if some of us don’t want to admit it, we’re all businesses and, leaving our feelings and reasons aside for a second, we share a common train. We’re here to make money and that’s a good thing. It keeps the economy ball rolling.

Now, I’m not here to talk about how or what you should spend it on because we all have our own why’s. But here’s the utmost summary of the many things I’ve learned about how you can make them. There’s no certainty in life except death, change and paying taxes, nor is this a successful model. But it’s a tried and tested approach to better yourself and your chances. So let’s get to it.

  1. The two pillars of any business are making and selling.

    Treat them equally.

  2. Businesses are solutions to existing problems.

    Solve the bigger ones.

  3. Price is a true reflection of your value.

    What’s your worth?

  4. The market doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings.

    Learn to adapt.

  5. The best project is the one in front of you.

    Stay focused.

  6. Ideate. Develop. Test. Ship. Iterate. Repeat.

    Never close the loop.

  7. Keeping all apples in one basket is reckless.

    Spread them.

Clickbait for a good cause, because..

Mr. Stephen R. Covey, amongst many others, has inspired me in so many ways. And yet, there’s no great recipe without some added spice. So here’s another 7 for a full platter.

  1. Any investment comes with a great risk attached.

    Choose yourself first.

  2. Time, finances and skill are your assets.

    Track. Improve. Report. Accelerate. 

  3. Work smart not hard is bullshit.

    Do them both.

  4. There is a perfect marketing strategy.

    Always underpromise and overdeliver.

  5. Do what you love.

    And you’ll love what you do, eventually.

  6. Leaders are born by helping others.

    Share your knowledge and stay humble.

  7. Sometimes you need a break.

    Then break it!

I know it’s not easy but it’s all worth it. Just take it one step at a time.